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Geoffrey has directed actors such as Sir David Suchet, Charlotte Ritchie, Jonah Hauer-King, Amit Shah, Alexander Vlahos, Charity Wakefield, Jade Anouka, Sheila Atim, Aiysha Hart and Gethin Anthony.

His shortfilms have been seen at over sixty festivals worldwide including Dublin Intenational, 'Frameline' San Francisco and BFI FLARE 2020. He has assisted Oscar-winners Stephen Frears and Stephen Warbeck and is an associate member of Directors UK. 

Most recently Geoffrey has directed his latest shortfilm 'BEING THERE', a commercial for EAST LONDON LIQUOR CO. and co-directed SONG FOR NATURE for SKYArts with Dominic Dromgoole and DOP'd by Nick Cooke (LIMBO). He is currently developing two optioned feature screenplays and preparing three new short films and a commercial for Redwing boots.

His commercials reel is viewable                 and CV               .                                                                                        His SLATE for 2022 is viewable

                          and                  to watch his films, most of which are below. 



(2019/ 2020, 15mins) 

Aollection of 5 short films written and directed by Geoffrey and starring Charlotte Ritchie, Jade Anouka, Charity Wakefield, Alex Vlahos, Amit Shah, Gethin Anthony and Aiysha Hart.

Scroll down to see the full festival list for each individual film.

THE STRANGE - (currently in post)

(2020, 18mins) 

Part ghost story, part relationship drama, THE STRANGE is a story of abandonment, friendship and hope.

Shot in Andrew Edmunds restaurant in Soho, during Lockdown and stars Saffron Coomber, Thea Collings and David Mullen.

Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 10.33.34.png


(2020, 15mins) 

A mother and father in their twenties, no longer together but they share a daughter. Returning to make up for lost time, Dean attempts to step-up and reconnect with his 5yr-old daughter. But can he break the cycle of his selfish past, his fear of inadequacy as a parent and be there for his little girl.

Starring Katie Glaister, Sam Landon and produced by Long Time Dead Productions.

6:23 AM

Starring Charlotte Ritchie and Jade Anouka. 


Starring Charity Wakefield and David Newman.


Starring Alexander Vlahos and Gethin Anthony. 25k views and currently being developed into a feature.

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