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SLATE 2021/ 2022

Geoffrey's upcoming directing projects; in production and in development.

To request further information or read the script/ pack for an individual project, please go to                   .


























































APRIL 2022 -



"WHITE HORSES"  (short)

Like Charlie Bucket, TOM has very little in life except a pure heart. Estranged from his father since birth but now newly reconnected, TOM inherits a priceless bottle of wine and a choice; sell it and transform his life… or drink it, and experience something most people never will. 


Could it finally connect him with his estranged rogue of a father? Or perhaps reap a reward more extraordinary than he could ever have imagined.


A heart-warming, twisty tale of the value of experience and the price of wealth; WHITE HORSES reveals the secret to life lies in embracing risk.

Offers are out to Ciaran Hindes (GAME OF THRONES) and Sian Clifford (FLEABAG) and Christopher Logan (THIS IS GOING TO HURT) is attached. 

Berry Bros. & Rudd are also in talks for potential backing and involvement.

"CARE"  (longer short)

Numbed by insomnia and alcoholism; picture-framer MIKE (50) lives a detached life in his live-in shop in London's Borough Market. 

He encounters LI (30), a homeless woman with an unspoken past, and invites her into his home, where he discovers clues about her life through her exceptional drawings. He knows he could abuse the trust he's built with this young woman in his care, but manages to control this urge.

MIKE’s desperate SON appears, begging for help, but MIKE disregards him, reopening past wounds. MIKE's resolve weakens and enters LI's room one night. She disappears.

MIKE travels to Brighton to finally 'show-up' for his SON.

Or is he really searching for LI? Does he deserve to find her?

 Jason Isaacs, Katie Leung and Gethin Anthony are in talks and reading the latest draft.


"RIVAL" (feature)

Best friends at drama school, GEORGE and MARK, now in their 30's, reconnect at Hollywood Star GEORGE's film premiere, where MARK is working the bar.

Unbeknown to GEORGE​, MARK is suicidal. He was planning to end his life that night but the last minute prospect of settling an old score with GEORGE was too important to miss.

'Prince and the Pauper' meets 'Withnail & I' when the famous and wealthy GEORGE ‘kidnaps’ them both, taking them on a ‘back to basics’ holiday in the most rural of rural Wales. 


GEORGE insists they play their old game of 'SwitchSwaps’ where they decide all of each others choices, so MARK must do as GEORGE tells him and vice versa. 

An emotional scene around a campfire in the early hours of the morning, reveal GEORGE’s fabulous lifestyle is far bleaker than MARK could know, and he awakes to find GEORGE has vanished. MARK searches the woods to find his oldest friend, but will he be too late?

True male friendship and mental health, rediscovery and homecoming and returning to one's roots are all explored in this Welsh buddy-drama.

Set in Wales, and drawing on Welsh lore and mythology, we are aiming to make this a Welsh-backed project.


Alex Vlahos (OUTLANDER) and Gethin Anthony (GAME OF THRONES) are attached and I am currently developing the script with them through workshop.

RIVAL is based on Geoffrey's short film of the same name  which has received over 25k views online collectively. 

"LITTLE DRAGONS" (feature)

STEVEN (30), returns to his home town in south Wales to attend his mother’s funeral.


JACKIE was more football coach than mum, training him from a young age up to Youth Academy with eyes on the Premiership. STEVEN discovers that CATRIN, his high-school sweetheart was pregnant with their child, when he left for London chasing his and JACKIE’s dreams. JACKIE twisted the teenage girls words into lies designed to keep STEVEN home and prevent him from succeeding in life. To add insult to injury for all, when STEVEN was dropped from the academy, JACKIE couldn’t handle the ‘failure’, her breakdown resulted in abandoning STEVEN and leaving him in London to fend for himself, beginning his descent into depression, addiction and eventual brief incarceration.

Now home, solvent and stable, STEVEN wants to make things right, to be accepted and trusted by CATRIN and let him into her and their daughter DANIELLE's life. Understandably CATRIN cannot simply forgive and forget. to prove himself, STEVEN feels his only hope is to concoct a mad plan with the help of local football-obsessed priest COLIN. They form an all girls Under 10s football team and enter the local league. 

Will STEVEN be able to overcome the obstacles of his past and shape up the LITTLE DRAGONS into a winning team? Will CATRIN be able to trust STEVEN or will he simply hurt her again, or worse their daughter?​


LITTLE DRAGONS is a big-hearted family comedy drama, centring on redemption, parenting and community. It promotes the encouragement of children to be free to enjoy themselves, not using them to right our own failings or turn them into commodities. Life is not a competition.

"PANGEA" (short)

SIMON and his fourteen-year-old son DAN are on their annual father-son camping trip, but something’s wrong… Simon knows this might be the last time he can see his son unsupervised. He's contemplating never going home. SIMON corrects the way his son talks about girls from school, one of whom is victim to revenge porn photos on DAN’s phone. SIMON tries to teach this burgeoning misogyny away, but DAN calls out his father’s hypocrisy  SIMON's treatment of DAN’s mum. 

What if they didn’t just camp for the night? What if they went further? ‘Sod school, you’re not missing anything I can’t teach you’. Head to the coast, then just keep going? Nobody watching them. 

As they drive towards Portsmouth, DAN begins to feel he may be in danger… But will Simon go through with it, or commit to teaching his son how to do the right thing? 

When we don’t know what the right thing to do is... what do we do?

Based on the Channel 4 Playwriting Award winning play by Joe White and slated to shoot in early 2022.

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