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Break Up

She was already there. Sat achingly perfect, dressed in black. An outfit I'd not seen but had been described weeks prior over the phone and how sensationally quickly it was all found and bought.

I thought I'd be early, get a beer and prep. She'd done the same.


I took water, we had the oddest weirdest hug, (no idea), sat and she began to fidget. We chatted absolute shit for three minutes until I said SO HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT US? To which, shocked (?!), she said 'god just coming out and saying it..!'.


I said words to the effect of I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WE ARE DOING, all the while, between suspecting we were already broken up and not knowing how 'fine with this' to seem.


I found myself looking at her mouth. I thought how just a few weeks ago she was ramming my cock into it, licking me, truly, loving it.

'Stop looking at me like that' which was actually in relation to the wounded puppy-mode my eyes kept slipping into and not the sordid (but actual) thoughts I was having of never getting to come all over her neck again and kissing her rounded perfectly pink plump lips whislt pulling on her dark boyish bob cut.

She hadn't looked this good to me in months. Because we were breaking up. 

'I don't know what to say' she smiled. Giggled. Adorably. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY (!). 

No touching. Only a little sniping. Which I won't go in to. It's negligible. We were broken up.

She was so stubborn it would have been redundant to argue. This had already happened. Which I agreed with and also wanted but couldn't help feeling somewhat, dumped.


Still, she had no idea about the things I was doing to her in my mind. Or the things I will do to her female friends in weeks to come, things they will ask me to never reveal to her; things that will make them wetter than they've ever been and drive their nails harder into my ever hairier back than this girl ever did. At least that's what I was planning to make happen in this moment.


'Want another beer?' NO I'VE GOT TO... 'It's ok I'll get you one'. NO I WANT TO GO I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT ELSE TO TALK ABOUT.

(I want to go drink myself quite blind and then try fuck someone thank you). 


'Ok well'.

A hug ensues. Odd cheek and forehead kissing and easy awkwardness and I was finally out the door. 


Gone. Over. Like it hadn't happened.



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