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E and I High in G.A.Y

E looked back at me as the toilet door drifted to it's close.

Confidently I marched passed Valerie, the waist-coated, West-Indian perfume, gum and lollipop attendant, general tough bitch manageress of the unisex piss-ridden toilets.

Swiftly and smoothly I slipped into the cubicle, E casually, professionally disappearing behind the door as I arrived.


I turned, locked the door and giggled. E wiped the toilet lid efficiently, sat and produced her surprisingly cumbersome wallet. From behind her oyster she revealed a tightly wrapped package made of card. Can't remember what was on the card, a flyer for a night or something.


Crouching I held her knees steadying myself, safe from absorbing any of the thick film of urine on the bruised beige tiles. 

Breaking open the package, E's fringe fell forward, centremetres from the clumps of brilliant white cocaine. 


She, E, shook it slowly dropping A-class bits onto my bank card which I'd lain enthustiastically on the flat of her knee. We de-compacted the solids with flat side of some white green membership card. She licked the card edge greedily. 


E jabbered bout some lesbian back on the dance floor. Short hair standard exposed neck tight shirt no boobs would totally do her. I carried on breaking shifting dividing cracking licking. I hadn't even noticed I was wracking up on the numbers side of my debit card. Little pieces of the haul jumping and trapping about in zeros and eights. I've got a fiver one of us said. Rolled badly, large at one end, a little wet with residue snot when it came to me. Quick fully back we sucked up our noses all the while maintaining an attempted unconsciously rock n roll cool aura, while simultaneously terrified and desperate to not knock over the delicate debit card. A little vessel floating precious cargo on a denim sea. The metallic salty taste fizzed my gums as I licked my fingers. 


Get up I want to take a piss I said. Whole card wiped across tongue. Wrap back in hiding place E waited while I pee'd.


Walking out brisk one by one ignoring the casually spiky comments from the busy circular communal hand basin- 'ohtherestwopeopleinthere'.


Not making eye contact makes it like they never said it. 



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