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She opened her door to him, they had text all his cab journey but he'd only come from marble arch.

It was cold and he felt the studio heat flush his face. They were lovely in greeting but somewhat avoided eye contact. They wanted to get strait down to it. She'd tidied up, lit candles etc. but left the weather on to feign lack of anticipation.

"Wine?" "Beer?" "You hungry?"
"Definitely" he mumbled while removing his shoes, unable to think of anything but taking off her knicker as soon as possible. Oscars all round for acting casual.

"We'll go out for food in a minute, do you like Mexican?"

"I love it". 


They drank the wine bottle down and nibbled Duchy Original crackers taking of their weeks each as fascinated by the others as bored by their own. 
They stood to leave for food. She kissed him.

Kissing for a while she remarked they may not get out in time for dinner so they called up pizza, collected it and bought more wine. 

Once back in her 'hutch' they got all over the worktop. Her bum swinging in his hands their mouths constantly fighting. They stripped eachother as the pizzas gently cooled on the table. 
They progressed half of the way to the bed.

She pressed herself against the glass bricks of the separating free standing wall as he slid down her knickers starting on her with his tongue. 
They got to the bed and fucked. It was hard, fast, wanted, and sweaty in it's finish.

They caught their breath.


"What time is it?"


"8.32" he replied.


They ate the pizza. 









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