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Geoffrey has appeared on stage in London's West End, toured all across the UK, as well as at Festival Avignon and Shakespeare in New York

"GREAT EXPECTATIONS"                   -  Derby theatre

"BELL BOOK AND CANDLE"             -  New Vic theatre

"THE HUMANS"                                  - Festival d'Avignon

"OVERRIDE"                                         - Watford Palace

"ABOVE & BEYOND"                           - Look Left Look Right, Corinthia Hotel

"THINGS THAT MAKE NO SENSE"    - Theatre Uncut

"DAVID COPPERFIELD"                      - Bolton Octagon

"PLAYLIST"                                           - Arcola theatre

"SEPARATE TABLES"                           - Chichester Festival theatre

"DEEP BLUE SEA"                                - Vaudiville, West end

"THE TEMPEST"                                  - Barbican, BBC Concert Orchestra

"INDEPENDENT MEANS"                  - Manchester Library

"CORIOLANUS"                                  - Giudecca

"YOU WERE AFTER PARTY"               - High Tide Festival

"MARIANA PINEADA"                         - Arcola theatre

"AMY'S VIEW"                                      - Garrick, West end      

"WHAT THE BUTLER SAW"                - Criterion, West end

"OLD VIC NEW VOICES"                     - Old Vic

"ARCADIA"                                            - Manchester Library

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